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History & Governance

1961: Alberta Dental Mechanics Act

The Alberta Government passed the Dental Mechanics Act in 1961, legalizing the profession of Dental Mechanics in Alberta and the Certified Dental Mechanics Society. Alberta was the first jurisdiction in Canada to legalize this profession.

At that time, dental mechanics were allowed to provide only complete denture treatments directly to the public.

Under the Dental Mechanics Act, dental mechanics were regulated by The Board of Examiners for Certified Dental Mechanics. This regulatory body was administered throughout the years, by various Alberta Government departments.

There were amendments to the Dental Mechanics Act over the years, such as to provide the inclusion of partial denture treatments and the title of denturist.

1998: Alberta Health Professions Act (HPA)

In 1998, the Alberta Government passed the legislation of the Health Professions Act, ("HPA") which is an omnibus legislation to regulate every health profession in the province. The HPA requires all health professional colleges to follow common rules for matters such as the approval of Codes of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and continuing competency requirements for its members. As well, there are strict requirements regarding complaint resolution processes and other regulatory requirements.

2002: Denturist Profession Regulation and Establishment of the College of Alberta Denturists

On September 1, 2002 the Denturist Profession Regulation was proclaimed , establishing the College of Alberta Denturists to regulate the profession in Alberta. Thus began the self-governing of the Denturist Profession in Alberta. Subsequently, in 2009, the Alberta Government put forth an amendment to the Denturist Profession Regulation.

The College ensures public protection through:

Registration of members

  • Maintenance of the memberships
  • Approving courses of training and education
  • Conducting entry to practice examinations
  • Administering the requirements as indicated in the Health Professions Act and the Denturist Regulation with respect to registration and
  • the complaint resolution process

You can only provide denturist services and call yourself a denturist, if you are registered with the College and have been issued with a valid practice permit.

2019 College Directory



Rae-Lynne Robichaud, DD


Vice President

Megan Skarsen, DD


Council Members

David Bennett, DD

Kim Maximchuk, DD

Michael Weiss, DD


Public Member

Dustin Schinbein

Collage staff


Dacia Richmond, MRT(NM), BSc


Complaints Director

Lloyd Fischer


Hearings Director

Karen Irwin


Administrative Assistant

Karen Irwin