Harmonized Humic& Fulvic Acids with Rich North Atlantic Seaweed

ONYX Root Boost Plus is your Essential non-essential element to be included in every nutrient regimen. Loaded with a natural vitamin rich solution of North Atlantic Seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum), harmonized together with Humic and Fulvic Acids for developing a massive foundation worthy root system.

  • ONYX Root Boost Plus will not only yield an extraordinary root foundation butalso, when applied prior to harvest will supply the desired stimulants, enzymes and nutrients needed to produce hearty rich blooms with savory aromas.
  • ONYX Root Boost Pluscontains 75% of North Atlantic Seaweed (SWE) and 23% Humic and Fulvic Acids, making it one of the most concentrated beneficial combinations available. Individually, the SWE and theHumic and Fulvic Acidswill chelate nutrients, making them more available for uptake by the plant.
  • ONYX Root Boost Plus Improves Plant Health, Root Mass, Chlorophyll Content and Drought Tolerance while Promoting strong cell walls and proper plant growth through sources of Auxin, Cytokinin and Gibberellin Hormones.

All Plant Life Solutions are produced specifically for top-shelf crops that demand superior Macro and Micronutrients ingredients to ensure optimum nutrient availability and reduced waste.